MANHATTAN (PIX11) — Police in Lower Manhattan seized more than $10 million worth of counterfeit luxury goods on Monday, NYPD Chief of Patrol Jeffrey Maddrey said.

They also made 17 arrests, Maddrey said. In total, the bags, shoes and more that officers seized filled three, large trucks.

Monday’s operation in the area of Canal Street and Broadway came about after complaints from local businesses and community residents, Maddrey said. Sidewalks were blocked by the vendors selling the counterfeit goods.

“Our message is simple to the small businesses: we hear you, we support you and we’ll continue to do these operations,” Maddrey said.

Officers intend to focus on the issue. During the holiday season, activity selling counterfeit luxury goods spikes, Maddrey said.

People who purchase the goods do not have to fear criminal prosecution.

“It’s not a crime to buy it. The crime is selling it,” Maddrey said. “There’s layers of victims when you look at this. There are people out here buying these bags who think they’re real when they’re not real.”