NEW YORK (PIX11) — Mayor Eric Adams underscored that there is no specific credible threat to New York City as the Israel-Hamas conflict continues.

Adams is; however, mobilizing police resources to deter possible hate crimes, which has been a growing concern for both Jews and Muslims.

Adams said he touches base with the police commissioner every morning and said that the NYPD is not seeing reports of hate crimes rise. However, the mayor said he has a clear message he wants to send.

“Our goal is to say there is no room for hate of any group in the city, and we have been consistent on that,” Adams said.

Adams made those remarks just ahead of a meeting he had with the Israeli Special Envoy for Combatting Antisemitism.

“We made sure when we did our deployment to sensitive locations that we did not just synagogues but also mosques, Hindu temples and churches,” Adams said. “We are aware of the visible signs of religion are often the first places that are attacked.”

Adams praised his police department for the way officers have handled large protests with tempers flaring.