NEW YORK (PIX11) — An NYPD cop accused of spilling secrets to China is headed to trial in federal court next month, authorities said.

Baimadajie Angwang, 35, was arrested two years ago for spying after allegedly giving his Chinese handlers the inner details of the NYPD from 2014 through 2020, according to the criminal complaint. The trial is set to start on Sept. 12.

Angwang, who worked at the 111th Precinct in Queens and is currently suspended with pay, is charged with acting as an agent of the People’s Republic of China without prior notice to the Attorney General, court records show.

His lawyers recently tried to dismiss the case but were unsuccessful.

“He asserts that his relationship with the foreign officials in question did not reflect the level of direction or control,” a judge wrote in court filings. “Because these assertions are properly directed to the finder of fact at trial, rather than the court at this stage, Angwang’s motion is denied.”

Prosecutors allege Angwang, who is of Tibetan descent, had “secret” level security clearance from his time in the military and used his access to provide information on the Tibetan community in New York City, including finding and assessing their intelligence sources. The disgraced cop also gave his Chinese “bosses” access to senior NYPD officials, the complaint said.

Many of the conversations between Angwang and the Chinese officials were caught on FBI wiretaps. In a 2018 call, one of the officials said his bosses would be happy Angwang had infiltrated the NYPD, according to a court filing.

“Hey, you have someone in the police department here now,” one of the handlers said in the filing.

Angwang was in the Marines from 2009-2014 and served in Afghanistan. He was also in the U.S. Army Reserve, where he helped train and plan civil-military programs, officials said.

The cop is out on a $2 million bond.