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NEW YORK — Teens across the city are being targeted by the latest wave of gun violence.

The latest numbers on gun violence from the NYPD shows a slight increase in shootings, up by 21 from this same time last year. 

However the number of shooting incidents increased by more than 100 for this same time last year. 

The NYPD announced on Tuesday a 13 year-old was arrested for shooting another teen at a playground.

Shooting suspects and victims are getting younger and younger. 

“It’s terrible all the way around,” Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said, adding he believes the teen was processed in family court and released to his mother.

“We have to do better, I think as a society, certainly,” the police commissioner added.

Within the NYPD, Shea said they are trying to get to the kids before they turn to violence and give them opportunities and work with them.

Public safety issues in Harlem

Community leaders in Harlem say a large number of methadone clinics in the neighborhood are leading to an open-air drug market, which has become a public safety issue. 

How is the NYPD addressing the drug and mental health problems on the street?

Shea said there are more areas that are dealing with the same issue.

“We all have to do better here,” Shea said, acknowledging people need help, but others don’t want to see them lying around on the street. 

DOI report on de Blasio

The Manhattan district attorney’s office is looking into whether or not the head of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s NYPD security detail, inspector Howard Redmond, should face charges for destroying his phone and obstructing justice.

Shea said the report came out last week and the internal affairs bureau has been in contact and are cooperating 100% with the DA’s office. 

NYPD vaccines

According to Shea, there are about 69% of the force vaccinated, but he expects that number to go up as more officers join the force.

Though there’s no current vaccine mandate for the NYPD, Shea has expressed he was in favor of one. 

As for now, members of the force he remain unvaccinated undergo weekly COVID testing. 

If a mandate were to be implemented, the NYPD would adjust accordingly.