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NEW YORK — Deadly subway attacks over the weekend, coupled with a rise in gun violence on New York City streets have painted a bleak picture of New York.

Overall crime is down citywide from last year, however shooting incidents have increased 16.7% and gun arrests have gone up 61.5%, according to NYPD crime statistics.

Despite recent attacks at subway stations and the MTA’s calls for an additional 1,000 officers at stations, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said the additional 500 officers the NYPD added over the weekend “is enough,” but they will continue to assess the situation.

He also said it was “unrealistic” to put at least one officer on every platform in one of the largest transit systems.

However, the police commissioner also said it goes beyond having officers at subway stations as they need assistance in addressing the city’s homelessness and mental health crisis.

“Of course we need help, it’s all systems working together,” he said, questioning how many times a person has to be involved in crimes before they go to jail.

“We just need some consequences here and some good outcomes,” Shea said.

As for the spike in gun arrests and shootings, with nearly 500 gun arrests in January, Shea said the firearms are coming from the south, and said the increase is due to the lack of consequences.

When asked if the NYPD would bring back its plain-clothes unit, the police commissioner said making gun arrests is not the problem right now as people are getting arrested with guns and are “walking right out the courtroom” with no consequences.

In regards to a recent investigation on an NYPD sergeant wearing pro-Trump patches while on duty, Shea said officers need to be apolitical and anticipates she will be held accountable for her actions.

As the NYPD hopes to recruit more people to join the force, Shea said people can expect advertising throughout the city beginning March.

A virtual recruitment event will be held on Instagram Live on Thursday at 1 p.m. with special guest Chief of Patrol Juanita Holmes. The event will be held on the NYPDRecruit’s page.