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Dan Mannarino’s bi-weekly one-on-one with NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea continued Wednesday, a day after an NYPD officer was killed by a drunk driver on the Long Island Expressway.

Shea talked about the impact of Officer Anastasios Tsakos’ death on the department and his grieving family.

While funeral services for the 14-year veteran officer are still being arranged, Shea said he expects it to happen sometime early next week.

The Long Island woman accused of fatally striking Tsakos while drunk Tuesday admitted she had been drinking before the crash. She also went on an anti-police rant during a podcast she livestreamed just hours before the crash.

Shea shared his thoughts on a rise in anti-police rhetoric in recent months.

Plus, after a bloody weekend of over two dozen people shot in New York, Shea said there needs to be changes to the entire system. He said gun control and addressing shootings goes beyond just police tactics, but also includes laws and tools police have to find guns and would-be shooters.

The commissioner also spoke on crime in the subways, saying the NYPD continues to send extra officers into the transit system. However, he said, it becomes an issue of overtime hours.