NYPD, clergy team up in attempt to stop gun violence

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The NYPD’s fight against gun violence will now also include more clergy members.

Hundreds of clergy members from across the city are going through special training to identify hotspots for violence in their communities and also help victims and families. 

It began with a special meeting called “The Gun Violence Solutions Initiative.” It’s meant to prepare clergy members for everything.

Chief of Patrol Juanita Holmes talked about what her biggest concern is.

“Any increase in violence is one person being shot, one person met with demise is one too many, it’s critical we put something in place to change that,” she said.

Holmes and other NYPD officials are sharing ideas with members of the clergy on how they can play a role in combating gun violence.

“We are calling everyone to the table, not being police-led community-led, to come up with solutions to the challenges we have been met with,” Holmes added.

The model for those solutions is already being used in Brooklyn, where Pastor Gil Monrose has been working with victims, families and the community for 11 years.

Monrose is trained in crisis management.

“How do you engage on the ground on the corners with individuals, how do you look at them?” Monrose asked.

It seems those wreaking havoc on the city are shooting guns with no regard for life — over the last few weeks, countless innocent people have been hit by bullets.

Some clergy say criminals also have no respect for authority.

So far in 2021, there have been 953 shootings across the city, with more than 1,100 victims, up from 842 and over 1,000 victims last year.

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