NEW YORK (PIX11) — A NYCHA plumber is leading a special summer camp for young women. She’s hoping that leads to them becoming plumbers themselves; it’s called Tools & Tiaras.

Judaline Cassidy has been a plumber for over two decades. She’s worked on some of the toughest plumbing jobs in NYCHA developments across the city. But one of the hardest parts, she said, was breaking into a male-dominated field in the first place.

She is on a mission to make it easier for other women to break through.

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While many kids are doing arts and crafts and soccer drills this summer, 9-year-old Parker James is learning how to use a drill. The Brooklyn girl is one of dozens of girls who are taking Cassidy’s camp, which is designed to teach them the basics of the skilled construction trades.

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Cassidy’s headquarters is now Jamaica, Queens. Every day, she said she sees the problems in public housing caused by a plumber shortage, especially a lack of women entering the trade. She’s hoping to change that and guide the next generation of female plumbers to start their careers.

LIXIL is a manufacturer of building materials and housing equipment that helps make the workshop happen.

Seven-year-old Mariah Grant of Mt. Vernon is attending the special camp. She said her dad is a plumber, and she might want to follow in his footsteps.

The summer camp is for one week, but Tools and Tiaras also does workshops every month.