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LOWER EAST SIDE, Manhattan — A mom living in public housing was happy when a crew from the city came to handle a chronic leak in a bedroom, but then they left and never finished the job.

Flor Garcia, who suffers from a respiratory disease and is hooked up to a breathing machine 24 hours a day, said her Baruch Houses apartment is like a construction zone. It’s been that way for three weeks, she said.

“It’s tough because I can’t go to my brother’s room because I can’t be breathing that,” she said. “It’s bad for my lungs.”

A New York City Housing Authority spokesperson says that following earlier repairs by plumbers, staff confirmed on Feb. 23 there is no current leak issue affecting the unit. Also, a Bricklayer was already scheduled for March 12; plaster and paint work will be scheduled following the completion of brick work.

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