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LOWER MANHATTAN — In a joint City Council hearing of Public Housing and Public Safety Thursday, resident leaders and families got a chance to talk to city leaders directly about their concerns about safety.

“We don’t have locked doors, and homeless [people are] using our stairwells as a public bathroom,” says NYCHA resident Trudy Progue.

City Council members also grilled the NYCHA head of security about security cameras, doors, and what’s being done right now to keep families safe.

Raymond Rodriguez, the Director of the Office of Safety and Security at NYCHA, was grilled by the Chair of the Public Housing Committee, Alika Ampry-Samuel.  Rodriguez was asked about the recent murder of an 83-year-old woman in her home at the Woodson Houses, and whether or not cameras have been placed in the development.

“Unfortunately, there are no cameras to this day over at Woodson Houses. We got pricing to put the infrastructure into the development,” said Rodriguez.

Councilman Antonio Reynoso let it rip about the Bushwick Houses, in his district.

“I sponsor a basketball league.  We had to move into a neighborhood development because they don’t want the kids playing outside,” said Reynoso.

According to the NYPD CompStat numbers, so far this year there have been 561 crimes under “housing” jurisdiction in the 10 Brooklyn North precincts. That’s slightly up from the 552 at the same time last year.

In the 63 Brooklyn North public housing facilities, there have already been 13 murders this year. That’s up from 5 at that time last year.