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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Female basketball players now have an opportunity to buy shoes exclusively made for them. Moolah Kicks is the first footwear focused solely on women’s basketball.

You may have never heard of the brand before, but founder and CEO Natalie White is determined to solve an issue that’s been neglected for way too long in the sneaker industry.

“We are one of one. We are the only for-profit brand in women’s basketball,” White told PIX11 News. “The feet of female hoopers are different in five places than that of boys and men, so I started out Moolah Kicks not just to be a sneaker for female ballers but an entire brand.”

White’s brand is in its own lane. The 23-year-old remembers growing up in New York City and bouncing from court to court to play pick-up basketball. There was a common denominator she saw week after week. 

There was a lack of representation in female footwear. Girls were forced to buy boys or men’s shoes and it wasn’t always comfortable.

“The brand is about women’s basketball. It’s about them,” White said. “It’s not about what I like or what I want, but how we can reflect the wants and the needs of women’s basketball.”

Moolah Kicks already has a footprint in the sneaker industry after being launched in 2020. The sneaker brand partnered up with Dick’s Sporting Goods to be distributed at more than 140 stores nationwide.

Moolah Kicks also has a partnership with the Connecticut Sun in the WNBA and sponsors 101 girls AAU teams around the country. The company’s five-year plan is to have every female hooper in the country wearing their shoes.

“To give players women’s sneakers and to feel that message seep in and they realize this is not only a sneaker unlike any other, ” White explained. “This is a brand unlike any other. It’s really a dream come true.”