MANHATTAN (PIX11) — Veterans demanding better services rallied at city hall Wednesday.

They say there are too many vets in need of basic housing and services. They feel like they’re being ignored.

The rally at city hall comes almost one year to the day from a similar rally in the Bronx. Even though a whole year has passed, veterans at the rally said they still haven’t been able to have a sit down with Mayor Eric Adams. They did point out that the blame lies at all levels of government, state and federal included.

Besides housing, they want more services across the board, including mental health. Also high on their list of needs is free education. They want to learn skills beyond what they learned in the military so they can support themselves.

Women who are veterans at the rally said they feel even less visible than their male counterparts.

“Nobody sees us as veterans because we’re female,” veteran Debroah Simon said. “They just think that we were paper pushers, however, we did just as much as the men.”