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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Starting Tuesday, New York City employers will have to disclose a good faith salary range for advertised job openings, including promotions, officials said.

The new law provides job-seekers with specific numbers about the minimum and maximum pay for the position, according to the Human Rights Commission. It also lets workers know if they’re being paid fairly and how their position is valued.

The law is designed to address pay disparities for women and people of color. Cincinnati, Colorado, Connecticut, Jersey City, Maryland, Nevada, and Rhode Island have all passed pay transparency requirements, officials said.

Seher Khawaja, senior attorney for economic empowerment at Legal Momentum whose organization helped draft the New York City law, said salary transparency “gives existing employees and workers information to better gauge how positions within their workplace are valued and whether they’re being paid fairly.”

It also gives employers a way to avoid liability.

“It puts their feet to the fire to think about how they’re setting pay and to avoid discriminatory practices that were working their way in previously,” Khawaja said.

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