NEW YORK CITY (PIX11) — Despite a new transit safety plan in New York City, subway crime is not letting up.

New statistics show an alarming increase in crimes happening underground in the last week. The latest NYPD crime statistics show last week alone there were 23 grand larceny crimes in the subway compared to four for the same week last year — a 475% increase.

Mayor Eric Adams admits his new transit safety plan will not fix what is happening in the system overnight. He says it will take time, and the plan is changing as it’s being rolled out. Mental health teams are helping the homeless and NYPD officials say officers are working around the clock to help keep passengers safe.

Between stabbings, robberies and shootings, crime underground is happening across the city, at any hour of the day.

A man allegedly stabbed a 77-year-old woman inside a Brooklyn station on Tuesday, police said. Misdemeanor assaults are up in the same week, including the disgusting attack involving human feces on a woman in the Bronx. Police arrested Frank Abrokwa for the vile act but he was released, only to be arrested again for a separate hate crime in Brooklyn and released again.