THE BRONX (PIX11) — In the wake of the fatal Twin Parks fire in the Bronx one year ago, New York City strengthened fire safety laws.

Seventeen people died, including several children, after an over-used space heater ignited a mattress. Thick dark smoke billowed throughout the hallways as the self-closing doors didn’t work.

“Some of the legislation that was passed last year actually ensures that the safer heaters are the ones that are sold in the City of New York,” Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh explained.

All space heaters sold in New York City must now be equipped with a thermostat and automatically shut off when it’s tipped over or overheats.

“We also passed legislation to requiring self-closing doors to be rectified much more quickly. It used to be that a landlord would have several weeks, almost a month, to resolve a self-closing door,” Council member Pierina Sanchez said.

U.S. Rep. Ritchie Torres fought for a new law that now gives FEMA the power to investigate fires nationally. 

Still, Public Advocate Jumaane Williams wants to see the city take more action against landlords who fail to address heating and fire safety issues.

“Until we take buildings from owners, until we hold people criminally liable, until we take away the ability to make profit off that, I’m not sure that these stories will end,” Williams said.