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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Mayor Eric Adams declined to share details of a Rikers improvement plan on Monday, the day before the city needs to submit a detailed plan in court.

After United States Attorney Damian Williams made the case for the jail being relinquished to federal control, a judge gave New York City several weeks to come up with a plan for the troubled jail facility. It’s set to be discussed at a May 24 hearing.

“Rikers is dysfunctional, it’s broken. It has been for generations,” Adams said. “I come in, five months later, and everyone’s asking ‘why isn’t Rikers fixed completely yet?”

Adams opposes federal receivership and asked for time to make improvements. The Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association has also slammed the idea of a federal takeover. The union feels fixing issues at Rikers should be left to correction officers. Adams said he has faith in Department of Correction Commissioner Louis Molina to resolve issues at Rikers.

We’re going to fix Rikers,” he said. “I need an opportunity to do so.”

While Adams on Monday wouldn’t share details of the plan, he did recently launch a task force to address the crisis. The mayor wants every agency in New York City working together to address problems at the jail.

“We’re doing for Rikers what no one else did before,” he said.

Four Rikers inmates have died while in DOC custody so far this year. Shortly after the fourth death, the New York City Board of Correction released a report about the first three deaths. They found “longstanding” issues and “persistent problems.”