NEW YORK (PIX11) — Every New York City public school will start the next academic year with the same level of funding they received for the current academic year, Chancellor David Banks announced Monday.

“Schools will also continue to see additional allocations throughout the year, just as they always do,” Banks said during a New York City Council hearing.

Under the budget proposal from Mayor Eric Adams, the Department of Education would receive close to $1 billion less in funds. Banks insisted the cuts would not be felt at the school level.

Families with school budget concerns protested Monday outside of the Department of Education’s headquarters, calling for greater budget transparency.

Paullette Healy joined the rally. The Brooklyn mother of two worries about class sizes.

“My child is actually in the most populated middle school in district 20, so her class size is 30 right now, and so if we don’t have the robust budget we need in order to maintain our teachers right now, there is a risk that our classes are going to 35, 40,” Healy said.