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NEW YORK — On the first day of spring, more life returned to New York City restaurants.

“We really appreciate being able to have 50%,” said Amedeo Agresti, part-owner of Tito Murphy’s on Restaurant Row. He’s referring to new indoor capacity settings at city restaurants.

They were able to survive the pandemic with the addition of an outdoor weatherized patio. But as the seasons change and infection rates drop in the city, restaurants can now increase their indoor capacity to 50%.

It’s a welcome sign of better days ahead for those in restaurant business and for diners, a sense that life in the Big Apple will return.

“This is my first time indoors in a year… so far, so good, I’m not nervous.” said Steve, who was watching March Madness with some friends.

And while this sun-soaked first day of spring made outdoor dining a little more comfortable, restaurants are happy that on cold evenings, they can entertain more guests.

Amedeo Agresti is so thankful for all his loyal customers helping them through this past year.

“We have some really great guest,s we obviously like our food an awful lot as well as the big tequila bar behind us and I think things are looking up a bit. We appreciate the support from everyone in the community,” said Agresti.

Restaurants outside New York City can increase their indoor dining to 75%.