ASTORIA, Queens (PIX11) — As the cold weather arrives, people take a closer look at their utility bills.

Con Edison has already notified customers that higher supply prices will mean increased bills this winter. The utility also applied for a rate increase from the state of New York this year. The delivery rate increase proposals are 9.6% for electric and 14.7% for gas. 

The bill separates charges for supply and delivery. The Public Service Commission has to approve a delivery rate increase. 

A decision has not yet been made. New York State Assemblymember Zohran Mamdani organized a “people’s hearing” to gather public comment to add to the official record. 

“What the governor and Public Service Commission can do is put their foot down and ‘say this is unaffordable.’ It’s out of step and it’s a way for a private company to make money,” Mamdani said. 

In a statement about the delivery rate increase, Con Edison says the “proposals would fund clean energy investments in support of New York State’s climate goals and infrastructure upgrades that will help keep customers in service during severe weather.”

Con Edison says the seasonal increases in customer bills are “mainly due to increases in the market cost of natural gas, which is volatile and also influences electric market costs.”

This winter, electric bills could be about 22% higher and customers could see 32% higher gas bills than last year. 

After a sharp increase last winter, Con Edison changed some of its procurement and communication methods. 

The utility advises customers to check their thermostats and equipment. Payment programs which can even out the costs over the year. 

The state has also increased money for low-income heating assistance.