NEW YORK — Rent may soon be on the rise across New York City. More than two million tenants living in rent-stabilized apartment now face the biggest rent hike the city has seen since 2013.

This comes as the Rent Guidlines Board voted to increase rent to 3.25% for one-year leases and 5% for two-year leases back on June 21. The hikes will take effect in October 2022.

PIX11 spoke with Lailah Pepe, Senior Staff Attorney at Legal Services NYC on what this hike means for tenants. Watch the full interview HERE.

Q: Does this rent hike apply to NYCHA apartments?

Leilah: No, this increase does not apply to NYCHA-owned apartments. However, tenants living in rent-stabilized buildings who have NYCHA-administered Section 8 voucher will be affected by the increase.

Q: If tenants are already struggling with repairs in their homes, is there anything they can legally do to combat the new hike?

Leilah: Tenants who need repairs can file a “rent reduction order,” either online or by mail. This is an application filed with NYS HCR, the state agency that administers rent stabilization. If HCR inspects and find the condition exists, they will issue an order freezing the rent at the last legal rent before the most recent rent increase. Once the landlord repairs the condition, the rent reduction order will be lifted and the legal rent will be collectible again, so this is not a permanent solution. If the landlord fails to correct the condition, a tenant can also ask HCR to pursue penalties against their landlord. The order should remain in place until an HCR inspection confirms the condition is corrected.

Q: What are some resources for people seeking tenant representation?

Leilah: Housing Court Answers is the main city-wide resource for tenants seeking advice about representation. The number is 1-212-962-4795. Tenants can also reach Legal Services NYC at 1-917-661-4511.