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NEW YORK — New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams has unveiled his annual list of the city’s worst landlords.

Each year, the NYC public advocate releases their “Landlord Watchlist” as an information-sharing tool to allow tenants, public officials and advocates to identify which residential property owners flout the city’s laws intended to protect tenants’ rights and safety.

The list includes buildings across all five boroughs owned by NYC’s 100 “worst” landlords, ranked according to objective criteria based on the number of open housing code violations issued to their buildings by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD).

The list also includes the ten “worst” buildings for each borough, ranked by the number of open violations, regardless of who owns them.

New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) buildings are also included in the report, but because NYCHA buildings are not issued violations by HPD, work orders are used to get the average number of open work orders for all NYCHA developments.

“Top” 10 NYC Landlord Watchlist:

1. Jason Korn – 15 buildings on 2019 list (703 units); 2,877 violations
2. Nathaniel Montgomery – 22 buildings on list (220 units); 1,581 violations
3. Eric Silverstein – 4 buildings on list (315 units); 1,144 violations
4. Abdul Khan – 9 buildings on list (189 units); 1,135 violations
5. Chris Deangelis – 13 buildings on list (172 units); 978 violations
6. Richard Nussbaum – 2 buildings on list (116 units); 883 violations
7. Joseph Soleimani – 13 buildings on list (170 units); 859 violations
8. Nathan Silverstein – 4 buildings on list (152 units); 833 violations
9. William Lucas – 2 buildings on list (252 units); 829 violations
10. Michael Lazaroff – 2 buildings on list (112 units); 799 violations

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