NEW YORK (PIX11) — A trip to brunch with friends ended in the murder of Daniel Enriquez after a gunman with a lengthy rap sheet randomly shot him on the subway on Sunday, police and law enforcement sources said.

The hunt is on for Andrew Abdullah, 25, who is wanted in connection to the deadly Q train shooting, according to multiple police sources. They told PIX11 News he has over two dozen arrests on his rap sheet dating back to 2016. 

While he’s been charged with everything from assault, to robbery and even murder, state records show he’s only been convicted of much lesser charges that had him serve a short prison stint in 2019 before being paroled. Abdullah is currently awaiting trial for domestic violence assault in Brooklyn, according to court records. 

The recent incident of gun violence has paralyzed some New Yorkers with fear.

“It’s frightening. I travel every day,” a train rider said. “It’s nerve-racking.”

Leaders have been scrambling to stop the next shooting.

“They can’t resume their normal lives if just getting around is frightening,” Janno Lieber, MTA Chair and CEO, said.

Mayor Eric Adams rode the subway on Monday in an effort to show commuters he’s focused on putting the brakes on subway violence. He announced he’s working with the Port Authority to bring scanners into the transit hub, which could detect guns before leaving the building. 

“We’re already doing spot bag checks. We’re trying now to negotiate with the Port Authority to allow us to place scanners at the bus terminals because many of these guns are coming from the south into our city,” he said.

Until then, cops stationed in the subway system will continue their increased efforts to keep riders safe, which began in February. 

“Focused enforcement is an integral part of our efforts to fight crime in the transit system,” NYPD Transit Bureau Chief Jason Wilcox said.

Last month, Frank James allegedly took a gun into the subway and opened fire, wounding 10 people inside a train car.