NEW YORK (PIX11) — With commuters scared of the public transit system in New York, leaders have promised to create a safe environment for riders.

New approaches to patrolling and outreach are being put in place. The death of Michelle Alyssa Go on Saturday has sparked a new urgency. Police say a homeless person pushed her on the tracks at Times Square.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams this week said he did not feel safe on the system and acknowledged the unease experienced by many riders. One of his first announcements after taking office addressed transit safety. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and Mayor Adams are enhancing city and state efforts.

Routine patrol for NYPD officers now includes the subway stations on their beat. They respond to immediate danger and call in to report other instances of people in crisis.

The MTA expects new mental health teams will join other social service crews by next week.

Another topic has gained new attention regarding safety. Platform doors are used in some other systems
to prevent people from being pushed on the tracks.

MTA officials have considered the technology, but the design of the NYC system presents challenges. A track intrusion task force has been created to review additional safety measures.