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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Mayor Eric Adams was quarantined with COVID on Tuesday as emergency personnel rushed to a Brooklyn subway attack.

He and his team were in constant communication with NYPD, FDNY, EMS and emergency management, Adams said. They were also in contact with state and federal officials. Adams did not speak at the scene of the attack, but posted a video online.

“First let me say, we’re praying for all New Yorkers who were injured or affected by today’s attack. So far we know that we have a multiple number of injuries including victims of gunshot wounds. I wish to thank all of the first responders who responded to the scene or at the local hospitals helping in today’s incident. You are what makes New York City the greatest city in the world. I thank you for supporting your fellow New Yorkers,” he said. “In today’s incident, as of now, we have not found any live explosive devices but the suspect in today’s attack detonated smoke bombs to cause havoc. We will not allow New Yorkers to be terrorized, even by a single individual. The NYPD is searching for the suspect at large and we will find him. We ask the public to come forward with any information that may help us in this investigation.”