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LOWER EAST SIDE, Manhattan — Even in New York City, where it may seem as if people are always on the phone and connected, home internet service is not always dependable or affordable.

In his briefing Wednesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio declared 2021 the year of 5G and high-speed broadband for the city. 

“We are investing $157 million and will reach 600,000 more New Yorkers including those who have been excluded because of where they live,” the mayor said. 

That includes 200,000 neighbors in public housing. The administration has created an “internet master plan” and will put pressure on the big companies and providers to deliver access and invest in upgrades in all the boroughs. 

They’ve created an internet master plan. The city will also work with independent companies and non-profits who work to connect homes. 

NYC Mesh is a non-profit provider doing installations. A dish is out on the roof and it links to other dishes and hubs. The signal and internet is established.

Anyone can sign up for the service. It has been growing steadily around the boroughs in the past six years. Members pay for the installation which can run about $260 and a monthly donation is requested.