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NEW YORK (PIX11) — New York City officials launched the new “Get Stuff Clean” initiative Monday to clean up neglected areas across the five boroughs.

The multi-agency effort will clean up and maintain approximately 1,500 spots that were not regularly maintained. It will also put more trash cans on streets, expand camera enforcement against illegal dumping and hire extra rat exterminators.

“We’re going to kill rats and do a rat-mitigation program in the city,” said Mayor Eric Adams.

The mayor said city workers are currently testing new rat initiatives, but he didn’t divulge details. “We don’t want to let them know right away because the rats may be listening and we want to surprise them with some of the tricks we’re going to be doing,” said Adams. “But, we’re going to zero-in on rodents.”

A newly created Neighborhood Task Force within the Department of Sanitation will regularly clean the identified hotspots.

In its first day, crews tackled the Cross Bronx Expressway along Webster Avenue and 174th Street in the Bronx.

Residents welcome the city’s efforts with open arms.

“All the streets could definitely use more love in the city, as well as Brooklyn,” said Mai Antwon.

“I would love it if the trash was cleaned up,” said Carly Lanzkowski, who lives on the Lower East Side. “Bring on the trash cleaning.”