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NEW YORK — Mayor Bill de Blasio launched New York City’s “zone finder” on Wednesday evening to help residents determine if they were in the city’s COVID-19 hot zones.

“This week we’ve taken proactive measures across Brooklyn and Queens to stop the spread,” said de Blasio in a tweet thread. “We’re monitoring each area’s progress, and will not let up. We will beat this virus back again, and we’ll continue to do it, together.”

The zone finder tells you to enter an address or intersection or click on the map to find out whether you are in a COVID-19 zone, and get informed about the proper precautions to take for specific activities.

De Blasio calls it “a new tool to help New Yorkers find out which COVID-19 cluster zone they may live, work or go to school in.”

Currently, parts of the city are divided into red, orange and yellow zones. You can find out the difference between them here. The “red zone” is the cluster itself, while “orange zones” are the immediate areas surrounding the clusters. “Yellow zones” are areas deemed “precautionary.”

You can find the zone finder here.