NEW YORK (PIX11) — As the first immigrants and asylum seekers began arriving, New York City shelters quickly became overrun, and migrants were forced to stay overnight on the city’s homeless intake office floor. 

The practice is illegal, and as word began to leak out, sources told PIX11 that Department of Social Services spokeswoman Julia Savel was asked to conceal it from the public and not tell the higher-ups in the administration of Mayor Eric Adams.

Two weeks later, Savel was fired and walked out of the building without warning or explanation. Sources confirmed she has hired an attorney and is already cooperating with a Department of Investigation review.

PIX11 pressed Adams about the case during a taping Friday morning of PIX on Politics. The full interview airs Sunday morning. 

“I was horrified that something like that could happen,” Adams said, following news of the firing first broken by NBC4. “I called the commissioner and we had an extensive conversation, and there was no evidence that in any way stated that she was told to keep information from City Hall.”

Adams said Commissioner of the Department of Social Services Gary Jenkins told him Savel was fired for “other reasons” but did not give specifics. 

The Legal Aid Society and Coalition for the Homeless ripped the mayor’s team for not being more open about those chaotic first few days last month when migrants began to arrive. 

They issued a statement Friday reading in part: 

“The Adams Administration has been anything but forthright and transparent on this crisis … We welcome the news of a review by the New York City Department of Investigation into any potential additional violations of law…”

PIX11 asked Adams if he still has faith in Jenkins.

“This commissioner houses close to 5,000 asylum seekers and migrants in real-time without any coordination from Texas authorities,” Adams said. “They denied they were doing this until it was revealed, so I really thank him and the hundreds of employees dealing with this crisis.”

Savel declined to make a statement when PIX11 reached out for a response.