MIDTOWN, Manhattan (PIX11) — Covid, RSV, and the flu has been circulating around New York City, prompting city health officials to issue a health advisory for the tridemic.

The tridemic has caused a medicine shortage nationwide, likely due to the surging demand for ibuprofen and acetaminophen for kids. Parents of small children have had difficulty finding over-the-counter cold and flu remedies.

“The shelves are half bare,” Emily Ripp, an Upper West Side mother, said.

Like so many other parents, Ripp has had a difficult few months. Her 4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son have been sick with RSV, Covid, and several other flu-like illnesses. When she went looking for specific over-the-counter medicine, Ripp had a tough time finding the product.

“I go to three different stores and then I finally find it,” she said.

In an effort to stop the rising numbers of COVID, flu, and RSV cases in the city, the health commissioner is urging residents to use high-quality masks when indoors or in crowded outdoor settings. High-quality masks are recommended for those who are or come in close contact with those at risk of Covid, RSV, and flu complications. Also, for those who are 65 and older, and who are immunocompromised, according to health advisory.

Lenox Hill pulmonologist Dr. Len Horovitz applauded the city’s efforts but said they don’t go far enough.

“I think it’s a recommendation that I would make mandatory,” Dr. Horovitz said. “I would like it the way it was in 2020 on buses and subways and in theaters.”

Holiday COVID precautions include wearing high-quality masks like a KN95 or KF94 mask, limiting indoor gatherings, and asking others to wear a mask and take a COVID test before any gathering.

Dr. Horovitz was particularly concerned about the few people who have gotten the COVID boosters as we head into the holidays. The doctor said it is a good time to get the flu shot and COVID booster as we head into the holidays.

“I think it is between 14% and 15% (who have gotten) the bivalent booster,” Dr. Horovitz said.