NEW YORK (PIX11) — For people experiencing food insecurity or the unhoused, local food banks are a lifesaver. However, many locations in New York City are seeing longer lines and a higher demand for services and food. 

Community Help in Park Slope, Inc., also known as CHiPS, has existed since 1971. It is described as a “community of Brooklyn neighbors, volunteers, and friends who share a common vision to help encourage and support those often forgotten.”

Workers say they regularly would feed about 160 people a day, and now it’s more than 300. 

About three weeks ago, migrants who have been arriving in New York City began to be housed at a hotel down the block. A shelter is also down the street off 4th Avenue in Park Slope. 

Click here for information on donating to CHiPS. 

John was waiting in line on Friday afternoon. He’s staying at the shelter until his next job comes through. 

“You can tell they care and they put in the effort. Places like this help people like me to get through hard times,” he said. 

On Friday, lunch served was rice, roasted turkey and salad. Chef Matthew Caban says supplies are running low. “I was anticipating something. We have a lot more foot traffic,” he said. 

Pauline Auguste coordinates donations, crews and volunteers. “Our numbers have increased significantly. We are asking for funding and donations. We don’t want to turn anyone away. We want to give everyone a hot meal. That is what we strive for,” she said. 

Their facility is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, for breakfast, lunch and to-go sandwiches.