MANHATTAN, NY (PIX11) – After recent murders and attacks on women in New York City, FIT HIT training studio took a direct approach to train women on how to protect themselves.

Matan Gavish is the founder of the studio which usually incorporates this similar style into its training program — something he said gives people real life skills to fight off an attacker.

“We create a place where women can get fit, dial in their nutrition, dial in their mindset but also learn real life-saving skills,” said Gavish.

Recently the studio taught free two-hour seminars showing women how to be mentally and physically prepared for an attack.

“By changing the way that we think, we create change for what we do and when we create change for what we do, we create a complete change for how we live,” said Gavish.

Gavish served in the Israeli Defense Force and used those skills to train federal agents, the military and police around the world. He said his approach to who he trained changed after he witnessed several women get attacked.

“After years of working exclusively with law enforcement I felt like the universe was conspiring to show me there was a problem. In a span of 10 days I witnessed three assaults on women in New York and it was completely coincidental it never happened before and it never happened after that,” said Gavish.

That’s when he said FIT HIT was born. Gavish took his skills and began training women on how to fight but also how to recognize dangerous situations.

After recent deadly attacks on women and people on public transportation in the city, he began conducting public transportation and awareness seminars to teach women how to protect themselves.

The seminar includes these three things:

  1. Changing women’s mindset about fighting
  2. Helping women with awareness
  3. Equipping them with the fighting skills

“What we see in real life when people who are untrained are attacked, they don’t fight. They don’t flight but they just freeze and accept the victimization. Even though their bodies go through the fight or flight changes which means their body is gushing with adrenaline, adrenaline alone doesn’t turn you into a fighter. There’s got to be a skillset to back that up,” said Gavish.

Gavish hopes by sharing his skills he’ll be able to stop someone else from becoming a victim.

“I know when we talk about violence against women, it doesn’t just affect women. It affects me as a father to a little girl, it affects me as a husband, as a son and it affects me as a brother. So for us it’s really a mission to equip and reduce victimization overall,” said Gavish.

FIT HIT is looking to host eight to 10 free seminars each month. The studio is located at 122 W 27th St New York, NY 10001. For more information, click here.