NEW YORK (PIX11) —New York City is doubling down on its status as a haven for those seeking an abortion— even amidst talk of a national abortion ban.

The City Council on Tuesday allocated $1 million to help people travel to the city to get abortions.

“Our allocation represents the largest commitment of municipal funds by any city in the nation toward abortion care and services,” said City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams at a rally with most of the women she leads on the City Council.

Adams said $500 thousand will go to a nonprofit that directly funds abortions for those who cannot afford them— the New York Abortion Access Fund, which reports it usually spending about $1000 per patient.

The other $500 thousand will go The Brigid Alliance, which connects women traveling for abortion services from states with bans.

“The average cost is around $1,400,” said Odile Schalit with Brigid. “That covers child care meals, flights and other travel related expenses.”

Both nonprofits reported the money is going back out the door immediately due to women coming to the city looking for help.

“Low income individuals and those who cannot afford care are the most vulnerable by the dangerous decision from the Supreme Court this summer, and I will add the dangerous decisions are lawmakers are making in Washington today,” Speaker Adams said.

At the same time as NYC lawmakers rallies, in Washington South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham was holding a press availability to propose a national abortion ban after 15 weeks– except in cases of rape or incest or to save the life of the mother.

Graham said it would bring the United States in line with the majority of the world.

“The theory of the case here is not necessarily to be like Europe, but to have a standard in America to block abortions at a stage where it is pretty clear the science says that abortions should be a no go,” he said.

Democrats currently controlling Congress have said Graham’s bill will not get a vote.