NEW YORK (PIX11) – A budget battle is intensifying between the New York City Council and Mayor Eric Adams, with nearly half a billion dollars in public school funding on the line. 

Council members came together for a special session Tuesday and passed a resolution demanding the mayor and New York City Schools Chancellor David Banks restore $469 million in funding for city schools.

Rita Joseph, the council’s education chair, maintains that she and fellow council members were misled during last spring’s budget negotiations in terms of how deep the cuts to school funding would be. 

Over the summer, there were protests and even a lawsuit challenging the changes to school funding. The lawsuit filed by teachers and parents is currently pending in court, as the Adams administration and the city council continue negotiations.

The mayor’s office maintains school funding is based on school enrollment, and this year’s budget reflects a decline in students.

A City Hall spokesperson told PIX11 News, “After hearing from principals and other community leaders that they need additional time to adjust to the decline in enrollment, this administration announced a package of $150 million in additional support for schools.”