NEW YORK (PIX11) — Business boomed at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory on Sunday: day six of New York City’s longest heat wave in this city since 2013.

“It’s been extremely hot and we’ve been extremely busy,” Jessica Sereno, manager at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, told PIX11 News. “We are truly grateful to have this much business during covid because the last few years have been rough.”

At Rockaway Beach in Queens, thousands of New Yorkers looked for a way to cool off Sunday with temperatures in the muggy 90s.

“Too, too hot for me. I prefer winter, which is controversial,” Lola Evelyn, a beachgoer, told PIX11 News.

In these searingly hot temperatures, cooling centers were filled with people in need of frosty air conditioning. The New York City Medical Examiner says at least one person has died so far this weekend due to the extreme heat.

“We have extreme heat and it’s going to hurt a lot of New Yorkers who are the most vulnerable,” Julie Schroger, a climate specialist, told PIX11 News.

Con Ed crews were busy plugging up weak spots in the power grid Sunday, hoping for no more power outages. The company urged New Yorkers to conserve energy by closing unoccupied rooms, setting the AC on the highest temperature setting that’s comfortable and running other appliances only at night or early in the morning.

“If we all work together, it will make it better for our system and there will be less outages,” Sabrina Walters, a Con Ed operating supervisor, told PIX11 News.

Con Ed has 200 mutual aid line workers standing by in case the storms predicted for Monday afternoon get intense.