NEW YORK (PIX11) – A new study from Forbes Advisor ranks New York City at No. 6 among the most expensive cities to own a dog in.

The study compares median household income to the annual costs of vet care, pet insurance, boarding and day care. New York City’s median annual income is over $84,000, according to the study, with typical dog care costing over $5,000 annually.

Vet care, pet insurance and boarding could cost a dog owner over $2,200 annually. Doggy day care can easily cost over $3,600 annually in New York City, according to the study.

New York City’s cost of care ranks the highest out of all of the cities listed in the study, which include Winston-Salem, El Paso, Memphis and others.

The average household income for the other cities on the list ranges from $51,000 to $63,000 a year.

Erin Pflaumer is a digital content producer from Long Island who has covered both local and national news since 2018. She joined PIX11 in 2023. See more of her work here.