NEW YORK (PIX11) — Tenants and advocates from New York City headed out to Albany to rally for tenants’ rights.

The group will rally for greater protections for tenants who are facing rent hikes and evictions. Many of those who left New York City is with the group Make the Road New York. 

“Right now, a landlord could evict you without any reason and also can raise the rent for hundreds of dollars,” Julissa Bisono from Make the Road New York told PIX11 News. “So this is why we’re going up to Albany today because we have 5 million tenants across the state who don’t have any protection.”

They will join over a thousand tenants along with state-elected officials for a mass rally on the stairs of the legislative building at around 12 p.m. The group will push for the passage of the Good Cause legislation, in response to rents spikes and evictions across the state.

The group said the tenant protection bill will empower tenants to fight rent increases and unjust evictions in court. They said it will also require landlords to justify certain rent increases.

Protestors said they are planning a civil disobedience action after the presser, and some will even risk arrest to prove their point.