NEW YORK (PIX11) — Residents around the Bronx rallied over the weekend to get guns off the streets after another innocent teen is killed in a crossfire.

Police believe the bullet which struck and killed 16-year-old Angellyh Yambo while she was walking home from school, came from a ghost gun.

The accused shooter, 17-year-old Jeremiah Ryan, was arrested and charged with murder. He remains behind bars.

“Our kids can’t even go to school and feel safe walking home; it’s unacceptable, not normal, and we should all be in an uproar right now about this situation,” Marisol Rivera from Save Our Streets said during the protest.

On Sunday, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer called for control over the rising crimes and the use of ghost guns. He said the “explosion” of ghost guns across the city, Long Island and beyond has hit a tipping point.

The guns are privately assembled from parts ordered separately. They don’t have commercial serial numbers. This makes them harder for law enforcement to track.

The NYPD has reportedly seen a 350 percent increase in ghost gun recoveries in New York City.

Sen. Schumer demanded immediate action on the federal level.

“Clarify under federal law that ghost guns kits are firearms that would require a backround check and serial number, Shumer said. “Second, make clear that partially complete frames and receivers are firearms.”

According to the White House, President Biden is announcing new firearm regulations, addressing a critical gap in the government’s ability to track them.

The administration reports last year alone, law enforcement officers handed over 20,000 suspected ghost guns to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, a ten-fold increase from 2016.

Biden is also expected to nominate Steve Dettelbach to serve as Director of ATF. Dettelbach, a former U.S. Attorney and career prosecutor, spent over two decades as a prosecutor at the U.S. Department of Justice.