NEW YORK (PIX11) — Chris Cabrera and his crew at Salcedo Cargo Express in the Bronx are packing donations, which are soon heading to the Dominican Republic. Canned food, clothing and medicine are among the most needed items in the waterfront towns that were pummeled by Hurricane Fiona last week.

“All of these are going in the airplane tomorrow,” said Cabrera.

While this second batch of donations by New Yorkers has yet to arrive in the Dominican Republic, a delegation of New York leaders already has. Among them is Mayor Eric Adams, who arrived Monday morning after spending Sunday touring the damage left behind by Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico.

Adams met with Dominican President Luis Abinader, and with a delegation of Dominican natives — New York City DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez and U.S Sen. Adriano Espaillat — dropped off donations in the peninsula of Samana.

Houses there saw their roofs ripped off by Fiona’s ruthless winds. Part of the mayor’s staff is in Puerto Rico to help residents navigate the FEMA application process for federal financial assistance.

“We don’t say it lightly that Puerto Rico is the sixth borough of New York City. We mean it. And we are committed to this,” said Adams.

In the Bronx, more than 10,000 pounds of donations are headed to the Caribbean, and more are expected.

“It’s time to help our community, our Dominican community. This is why we are doing all of this,” added Cabrera.

New Yorkers rally for more aid to Puerto Rico

New Yorkers rallied in Manhattan’s Foley Square Monday evening, hoping to get much-needed aid to their loved ones reeling from Hurricane Fiona.

In addition to local donation drives and grassroots fundraising efforts, several New York City Council members are now pushing for the federal government to expedite the release of disaster assistance and recovery funds.

A New York City Council letter to the Biden administration reads in part, “…we urge that FEMA ease any unnecessary red tape that will slow the pace of recovery and support for the people of Puerto Rico, as well as ensure an equitable response.”

New York City Council member and Puerto Rico native Alexa Avilés was one of the letter’s signers. She said Puerto Rico’s resident U.S. citizens deserve better.

“We are tired of this disparate treatment, this very second- and third-class treatment that the island residents get,” Avilés said.