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(WIVB) — State officials are set to roll out billions of dollars in rental assistance to help tenants stay in their homes and landlords get back on their feet.

Due to the loss of jobs and illness, many tenants have come up short with the rent, and because of the government-imposed pause on evictions, thousands of landlords have been unable to collect the rent for more than a year.

The pause imposed by the state and federal governments has enabled many low and medium income families to stay in their homes, but those moratoriums expire on Aug. 3.

On the other hand, landlords have their own responsibilities, such as property taxes, utilities, and in many cases mortgages.

Attorney Loran Bommer said without the rent coming in, some smaller landlords could be left homeless, too.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the state is releasing billions through an Emergency Rental Assistance Program to help tenants stay in their homes, and to help landlords, squeezed in this financial vise, get back on their feet.

Cuomo’s program is designed to give the state an economic boost. But tenant advocates point out that evicting tenants is not the answer to landlords’ financial shortages.

And despite the moratorium on evictions, many landlords have used “self-help” techniques to remove tenants.

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program does have income guidelines and landlords looking for help from the program have to work with their tenants to participate.