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NEW YORK — New York and New Jersey residents are going to need an enhanced driver’s license or REAL ID if they want to board domestic flights.

Starting October 2020, if residents want to use their license or non-driver ID to get onto an airplane, enter certain federal buildings or enter military bases, they’ll need to upgrade their IDs before the deadline.

In New York, the REAL ID driver’s licenses will have a star in the upper right hand corner to indicate it meets federal regulations that establish minimum security standards. Enhanced driver’s licenses have a U.S. flag on the bottom right of the license.

The enhanced IDs, which are $30 plus regular transaction fees, are good to board a plane as well as enter the U.S. by land or sea to cross into the country from Canada Mexico, or the Caribbean.

New York and New Jersey residents have the option to upgrade to a REAL ID if their license doesn’t currently have a star, or they can opt to keep their standard driver’s license. However, without the star, the standard driver’s license will not be valid to board a flight or access secure facilities.

To get the REAL ID star, individuals need to visit their local DMV office in person and bring certain documents to prove U.S. citizenship and New York residency.

For more information and details about how to obtain a REAL ID driver’s license, enhanced license or identification card in New York, and to determine which form of ID is right for you, visit the New York Department of Motor Vehicles website. For those with New Jersey licenses, click here. 

NY, NJ residents will need REAL ID, enhanced ID to board domestic flights starting 2020 (TSA)