NEW YORK (PIX11) — Record-high gas prices and record-high travel plans merged for one expensive holiday weekend. 

It’s estimated by AAA that over 39 million Americans will leave home over the weekend and primarily travel by car.

“My wife and I are planning a trip and we already know it’s gonna cost us extra for the trip just because of fuel,” Doug Fuller said.   

Prices at the pump are up well over a dollar compared to last year, driven mainly by demand and Russia’s war in Ukraine. Experts warn it’s only expected to get worse this summer.

“All the signs are indicating that gas prices are going to stay elevated and probably go higher,” Andrew Gross, spokesman for the American Automobile Association, said.

In a newly released NewsNation poll, 43% of people said they made changes to their summer vacation plans, and more than 70% said they’ve had to cut back on purchases within the last month.

“We haven’t been to dinner recently, haven’t been to lunch recently, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon,” driver Ray Sutherlin said. 

Anyone looking for ways to save on soaring fuel prices should know that going 10 miles per hour slower can save 30 cents a gallon on average.

“Slow down,” Benjamin Preston, from Consumer Reports, said. “You keep below 70 miles per hour on the highway, you’ll use less fuel.”

Flexibility is foremost for anyone looking to save time, with the best travel bet early in the morning or late at night.