NY legislature ‘really, really close’ to legalizing recreational marijuana: Stewart-Cousins

Marijuana legalization in NY, NJ

NEW YORK — New York lawmakers are “really, really close” to legalizing adult recreational marijuana usage, including a limited number of homegrown plants, Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said Tuesday.

Now the state could be just days away from legalizing recreational marijuana, if Albany Democrats succeed in passing a bill next week.

Sticking points about driving while under the influence and impacts on traffic safety had been recently holding up negotiations, but they have since been worked out, Stewart-Cousins said.

New York would join a dozen U.S. states that have already made it state law.

The move comes at a time when the state is desperate for cash in the wake of pandemic economic devastation. It’s estimated that legal weed could bring in an estimated $350 million annually in taxes.

Democrats, who control both the Senate and Assembly, overwhelmingly support it, while Gov. Andrew Cuomo has supported the legalization for several years.

Marijuana legalization in NY, NJ

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