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NEW YORK — New York has added an “X” gender-neutral option for birth certificates and other state-issued identification cards for those who wish not to specify their gender.

Cuomo signed the bill into law Thursday on the 10th anniversary of the New York’s Marriage Equality Act being signed into law, calling it “the next step forward.”

“Every New Yorker deserves to be free from discrimination and have state-issued identification and processes that respect them for who they are, recognize their gender identity and protect their safety,” Cuomo said. “New York continues to lead the way in ensuring LGBTQ people are treated equally in every part of the law and society, and this bill is another landmark that ensures New Yorkers can express ourselves for who we are.”

It comes after the New York State Legislature passed the Gender Recognition Act earlier this month. 

Under the bill, New Yorkers can identify their sex on state-issued identification, including drivers licenses and permits, with an “X.” People petitioning a court or updating an identification document can also attest to their own gender identity without medical evidence necessary. 

“America is a work in progress, but New York leads the way,” Cuomo said, “Love wins every time.”

Last November, the state said it intended to offer driver’s licenses with a nonbinary gender identity marker of “X,” but noted it could take more than a year before Department of Motor Vehicles computers will be able to automatically handle the option.

New Jersey added the gender-neutral “X” option for driver’s licenses and ID cards in April. 

New York City already allows people to update their birth certificate and select a non-binary “X” option.