YONKERS, N.Y. (PIX11) — Families in Westchester County are getting some much-needed help after a truckload of baby formula was delivered to Stew Leonard’s in Yonkers Friday morning.

The grocery store chain doesn’t normally carry baby formula, but owners jumped in to help their community.

Stew Leonard Jr. told PIX11 the chain “brought this in just because we felt such a need for the community right now.”

The 11,000 bottles of Similac Alimentum are now on shelves. But, with demand being so high, there’s a two-bottle limit per person.

The supermarket chain was able to get a shipment from Puerto Rico.

“So glad it’s back in stock it’s been too low and a struggle for a lot of people,” said Molly Dambroso, a Westchester County mom.

The supermarket chain was able to get a shipment from Puerto Rico.

As the baby formula crisis continues, families are growing desperate.

“When I saw it today I said ‘let me jump on this.’ Everyone has to help out,” said Alvin Harven, who got two bottles for his granddaughter.

Stephanie Waldie also rushed to get bottles for her granddaughter.

“My granddaughter needs Emfamil formula — she’s 7-weeks old,” she told PIX11 News.

Production at plants is restarting and the Biden administration is taking emergency steps to end the shortage, including flying in milk from overseas. But still, shelves are empty.

Stew Leonard’s said they will try to restock when this batch runs out.

“As long as there is a need we are going to continue to sell formula,” Leonard Jr. said.

The FDA expects supply to return to normal in July. In the meantime, health officials said moms should connect with local milk banks and WIC offices to see how they can help.