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RYE, N.Y. (PIX11) — It’s never too early to look ahead to summer.

A popular amusement park in Westchester County is getting ready to welcome the crowds, and it will have some new sights to see. Playland’s opening day is set for May 20.

“Playland is forever a beloved park for many people,” said Stacy Shuster, the park’s director of marketing and sales. “Every person that hears I’m working at Playland says they went there with grandparents and kids.”

When the summer season starts, it is the hot spot in Rye, New York, and it has been that way since 1928.

“We are the stewards of it for the future. It’s a 95-year-old park. We are taking it and bringing it into the next hundred years,” Shuster said. 

Westchester County owns the amusement park, and it is managed by Standard Amusements. Both are investing in capital improvements, including new rides, food vendors and facilities.

The amusement park will hold a job fair on Saturday. The park employs more than 700 people during the season.