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MAMARONECK, NY — Less than two weeks after residents cleaned up from Henri, the low-lying village of Mamaroneck was battered by up to two feet of rain in some areas, as flooding from Ida engulfed the region.

Schools shut their doors for the day because of the unsafe conditions. Damage is expected to take days, if not weeks, to repair.

Resident Ravi Solmitra had never experienced a storm like Ida.

“I remember at 9 p.m. we saw water tricking in slowly,” Solmitra said. “By 11, it was almost a foot and a half and then we don’t know what happened, there was a gush of water.”

Mamaroneck is prone to flooding because it sits between two rivers and the Long Island Sound. Residents in Mamaroneck are waiting for a multi-million dollar project to reduce up to 80 percent of flooding in the area. The Army Corps of Engineers developed the plan that still needs approval from the Federal Government.

Residents on Wednesday tried to prepare by moving their cars to higher ground, but their vehicles were submerged in unbelievably high waters.

“I was so shocked to see that water was up here and you can see everything was stuck,” Solmitra said.

Then, overnight, Ravi witnessed a water rescue on the Mamaroneck River; similar rescues were made across the region.

“Somehow, miraculously, this man appeared from nowhere with a kayak and he said he needs a rescue, it was out of a movie,” Solmitra said.

The basement of First Baptist Church on Howard Avenue was damaged by Henri. But now the place of worship is practically destroyed.

Damage goes from the basement to the sanctuary, Pastor James Taylor said.

“It’s 10 times worse than the last hurricane,” Taylor said.

Pastor Taylor is praying for relief.

“It’s just very exhausting to have to go through this,” Taylor said.