YONKERS, NY (PIX11) — A Yonkers detective remained in critical condition Thursday, one day after he was shot and days before he was set to retire after 27 years as an officer, officials said.

Detective Brian Menton was shot in the abdomen, Police Commissioner John Mueller said. He lost a lot of blood and suffered damage to his stomach and intestines. Menton underwent emergency surgery.

“He didn’t stop doing his job until the very end,” Mueller said.

In his years as a cop, Menton was involved in hundreds of gun arrests, officials said. He’s an “absolutely incredible detective and “the real deal,” according to Mueller.

He was shot while working with members of the FBI’s Westchester Safe Streets Task Force, police said. An FBI agent fatally shot suspect Bryant Jackson after Menton was wounded. Officers took two other suspects into custody. They also recovered two illegal guns.

Back in 2020, Menton helped disarm an armed suspect in Getty Square, Mueller said. He did it without firing a shot.

“He’s the best cop I’ve ever seen as far as the work he’s done in trying to lower gun violence, I mean, just phenomenal work,” Mueller said.