NEW JERSEY— Better have some cash to score a weed stash.

New Jersey rolls out adult-use cannabis sales Thursday, but buyers will not yet be able to purchase products with a credit card since banks are federally regulated, according to a report by

However, the House passed the SAFE Banking Act a year ago, which would allow banks to accept credit cards and checks from legitimate cannabis businesses, officials said. The proceeds of such sales would not be considered unlawful, according to The bill then went to the Senate where it stalled.

There will be 13 dispensaries throughout the Garden State serving customers 21 and up.

Sites are allowed to sell up to 1 ounce or up to 5 grams of concentrates, resins, or oils, or 10 100 milligram packages of ingestible items in a single transaction, according to the NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission.

Prices will vary by location and product.