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A New York Marathon moment has gone viral after one of the runners took a little detour, got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend on the sidelines.

The mid-race proposal happened between miles 17 and 18 near 86th Street and First Avenue.

The Arizona couple, Kristopher Glocksien and Wendy Macias, spoke with PIX11 News about their recent engagement, how it felt and Glocksien’s plan behind it all.

According to Macias, 29, she knew a proposal was coming in the near future, but she didn’t think it would happen in the middle of the race.

Glocksien, 28, said he had “the right moment to do it,” and everything just came together the day of.

Though he was nervous he’d miss Macias and his family in the crowds, he was able to spot his aunt in her bright orange sweater.

“Crazy for how many things had to go right,” Glocksien said. “It all worked out.”

After a round of hugs, Glocksien took off a glove, pulled a ring from his pinkie and got down on one knee to propose.

The couple has been together for four years, but have known each other since high school. Since they were together, Glocksien had been part of triatholons, and Macias has been cheering him on since.

Glocksien finished the marathon with a 3:33 time and a celebrated with his family and new fiancée.