NEW YORK (WSYR-TV) — The Big Game is almost here and Americans are preparing for a feast as they go grocery shopping for all the best appetizers, snacks, drinks, and more.

Even though New Yorkers don’t have a state team playing in the Big Game, many football fans will still be watching — and eating, including these most-searched snacks.

From wings to pizza and chips to dips, there are lots of different Big Game dishes that people love to make and eat during the game as the average American eats around 2,400 calories during the four-hour game.

That’s why used Google search data to find the most-searched food items over the Big Game weekend.

From using Google search volumes, 30 of the country’s most popular Big Game dishes were analyzed to see which item had been searched the most over Big Game weekend last year. These were then compiled, and a top-10 ranking was created.

Top 10 most-searched-for snacks in New York during the Big Game weekend

Food Item
Number of Searches in New York*
1Pizza Slices128,845
3Ice Cream36,375
4Chicken Wings32,228
6Chips n Dips19,643
8BBQ Ribs14,607
9Subs & Sandwiches14,016

Pizza is the number one searched-for Big Game food item for New Yorkers and, close behind with a large search volume, is chips and dips.

But what dip do New Yorkers love to eat the most while watching the Big Game?

Top 5 most-searched-for dips in New York during the Big Game weekend:

#DipNumber of Searches in New York*
3Buffalo Chicken3,454